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When I was a child growing up in Boston I would get up every Saturday morning when everyone was still asleep and prepare toast with butter and cinnamon. Then I would make my way from the kitchen to the living room and turn on the television and watch cartoons. It was usually cold outside and snow would cover the ground so I would plug in a small heater to heat the room. I was in awe of the images that I saw moving across the screen and that’s what kindled my desire for art.

My first attempts at drawing yielded results that weren't that aww inspiring yet my family was supportive always telling me that I was good so I kept drawing. Some days I would draw for several hours and time would just fly by and that’s when I knew I had a passion for art. After some years I started studying art books and techniques about shapes, line thicknesses, colors and shading etc. I started to see gradual improvements in my drawing each year.

After graduating from high school I attended college at the Art Institute which furthered my knowledge in areas from charcoal, pastels, painting and how to draw human figures as well as objects. My desire to create art feels endless. Currently I am working in canvas abstract art ,combing vibrant colors that are designed to radiate emotion and create a sense of serenity.

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Services: Original Abstract Art & Art Prints

Alan Collins Fine Art

Decorate your home or office with art designed to your personal style and taste. Your home and office are extensions of your personality so make them into your own personal gallery . Get started on your next great work of art!


Finding the perfect painting that fits your space can be challenging. Having a painting commissioned with your personal style and taste could be the answer for you. To get started on a commissioned painting, contact me to discuss your vision. I will provide you with a price based on size as well as color options. Just want to chat and see if commissioning a painting is right for you, that's fine. There is no obligation to buy. Let's chat!

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Arlington, TX, USA


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