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Artist Sketching

Artist Bio

A Visual Journey

Since arriving on the scene in 2000, Alan Collins has worked to capture and intrigue the art community with his beautiful art work. Alan gathers much of his inspiration from personal tales, the environment, and cultures around the world. His pieces embody some of his own life experiences, which has led him to create beautifully designed works of art. Boston-born, Alan Collins grew up spending his free time playing videogames, reading comic books, and watching movies - these childhood experiences have greatly influenced his work. Alan is primarily a two-dimensional artist; he experiments with images from advertising, cartoons, and comic books. Over time his work has evolved, taking avenues such as painting, and digital art. In 2020, Alan received a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Arizona State. He also received an Associate in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Dallas in 1999. His art has been in used by the Arlington Independent School District. Currently, Alan lives in Arlington, Texas creating art full-time.

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